Go Green. Go Affordable. Go Library

Joining a public library is of course a way to go green. It is definitely a way to go affordable. And I found today that going to my library...was quite a delightful bit of needed down time.
I'm embarrassed to say....I haven't been in a library since the card catalog days. Wow. That is tough to believe. I have found reading to be a new (re)delight in my life. Depending on my time and the book I can go through them relatively fast. With that, purchasing books at the local bookstore got to be expensive and many books I read aren't nice "keepsake" ones if you will and I'm just done with them afterward. SJP did say in the first SATC movie, there is nothing like the smell of a libary book. I agree.

So today, I joined the public library. I checked out 3 books and 1 book on CD for the holiday drive. By the way...for those who can relate to the card catalog confession, you can hold books online and they email and tell you when they are in, you can tell them which location you want to check it out at AND recheck it online 2-5x depending on what it is and if anyone is waiting for it. This is all my fabulous library of course but I hope yours is the same. This is just a few of the long list of fabulous offerings.
Need a new year's resolution? This is an easy one. Go Library.