Economical Enjoyment.

I am *notorious* for go-go-go. For those who know me in person it is clearly something that I need to work on. I have the most incredible on-going to do list that keeps building by:

- dreaming up of new wonderful things to do
- running errands to get supplies for the to-do list
- shopping and finding new projects from great finds

And ZERO of this includes my full time job that I work very hard at staying in high achievements at. you see above none of my "running around town" and staying busy actually gets this to-do list done. It only makes it longer.

Well we are all aware of the economy and it is about high time my running around town takes a break on the credit card and it is about time I actually get to bring some of these wonderful fun projects to life or sit down and take a load off and soak in a great read. If you visit the 'York Design' or 'Augustine Designs' blogs you will find that I have great passion for home decor and clothing design which is where a lot of this to-do list lies. However, if you scroll down a few posts on the Daily Delights you will also see that I likely have several library books in my possession, a latte machine and yes....ALWAYS candles. So what in the world am I doing zipping around town when my own delightful enjoyment is RIGHT HERE AT HOME or a book away in a favorite free relaxing spot!?

I get to:

- blog ;c)
- create
- read
- enjoy a latte
- with some tunes on...a candle lit
- and watch my to-do list shrink right before my eyes

REALLY?!? And most of it is FREE?! Well....the weekend I do it, I won't spend a dime at that time and my to-do list will shrink.

::hand to forehead, swoon head back in pure delight::

How DELIGHTFUL!!! And why didn't I think of this sooner?

Stay home or go to your favorite outdoor spot to relax.
Don't be busy...have an economical enjoyment time!!

Whole Latte Love

For me lattes provide 2 purposes. The first is a caffeine boost but the most important is enjoyment and relaxation which is the delightful thing about them.

I was blessed to receive a latte machine for my home and oh how I love love love it. It starts of my weekdays just right and my weekends are made even better! It is also quite nice to be able to offer an espresso, cappucino or latte to my guests. While everyone has their own taste in coffee (have you heard the varations ordered at coffee houses!?!) I hope you find a way to make your own delightful morning the comfort of your own home.

Hotel Home

The traveling professional or vacationer in me likes to take the *Daily Delight Basics* with me. Music, candlelight and the all-so-standard dim lighting make your hotel home purely delightful. Some of the most amazing scented candles come in small tins perfect for popping in the travel bags with your favorite box of matchsticks. If working, don't pretend this won't make the late night of spreadsheets and reports that much more delightful and while vacations don't need much of a boost in the delight department, why not make your hotel home feel more cozy and delightful?