Hotel Home

The traveling professional or vacationer in me likes to take the *Daily Delight Basics* with me. Music, candlelight and the all-so-standard dim lighting make your hotel home purely delightful. Some of the most amazing scented candles come in small tins perfect for popping in the travel bags with your favorite box of matchsticks. If working, don't pretend this won't make the late night of spreadsheets and reports that much more delightful and while vacations don't need much of a boost in the delight department, why not make your hotel home feel more cozy and delightful?



  1. Are these soy? I've been in love with Tyler candles but they produce a lot of nasty candle soot and I'm learning that soy candles don't do that.

  2. This one is just a pretty picture. ;c) I use the ones that make the nasty candle soot too. I'll have to try soy! Thank you for the suggestion!