I don't know about you but I am always working towards something.

Always working to better myself.

Always working to beautify something in my home or life.

But if you take a moment and enjoy today and leave the efforts aside,

you actually step back and see all your hard work from all the time before.

It feels great.

And there is always tomorrow to work towards something.

Today, be content.

If you need more motivation print the image at the beginning and go look in the mirror.

Now this, delightful.

I have no plans tomorrow. That is incredibly delightful.
I have been missing lately. From you, from me. I have been so busy I have been spinning. Lets not kid ourselves...this is a historic repeat. I am a stress junky it seems...but lately has been a roaring monster of being busy that I certainly don't welcome, don't love and I just spin. An unusual, unwelcomed, busy. Part of me wonders if I created this blog to make sure I find delight in times like these and then I get lost. I hope you are better at repeating some of these things in your daily life!
So tomorrow...I have no plans. As I already said. I have to say it again because it is like the best rare vintage find at a sale that you have been hunting for, for a is that good.
But I might, if I so choose after my morning latte, go find some white dishes. I just sold all of my dishes at a garage sale on a whim. We are plateless but I look forward to finding some classic simple ones. Maybe I will tomorrow. Maybe I won't.

I also might find some bedroom inspiration while enjoying that latte. Outside, on the patio, while the dogs and the white furry cat roam the yard and play. I also sold our bedside lamps. I can never complain about forced redesign.

So plans. No definitive plans and only enjoyable things if I so choose to do them. Now delightful. And welcomed. Happy day to you as well!