Olive Wine and Hummus

Not literally "Olive Wine"
Remember when we were little and we used to mouth the words "Olive Juice" across the room and this made the cute boy very twitterpated that we said "I love you" when REALLLLLY it was "Olive Juice"? Quite the giggles then.

So "Olive Wine and Hummus"... translates into "I love olives, wine and hummus."

My day is made brilliantly amazing by enjoying a lovely glass of wine, olives and hummus on whatever tiny toasty cracker you have around. Add cheese if you please!

When I enjoy this lovely little treat, it is like a gourmet little appetizer greeting you at the door in the privacy of your own cozy home.

"Hello, you...come in and relish in me and put your feet up"
~ Love,
your olives, wine and hummus....cheese if you please

PS: Don't forget the basics...low lights, music and a lovely candle lit

The Basics.

Always. Always. Always. Do. The. Basics.

This is the easiest and most effective way to make your day delightful.

At your home...

Turn off the overhead lights.
Turn on the lamps.

Turn off the TV.
Turn on music that you are in the mood for.

Light an incredible smelling candle.

Always. Always. Always. Do. The. Basics.

With the TV blaring in the background you may not even NOTICE how much it is just chipping away at the nerves until you start to have music on more often. Not to mention the topics on our TV these days might be delightful enough just to avoid.

And regarding the music may I suggest some of my favorites such as a more soothing 'quiet' sound such as Feist. I also adore the iTunes radio station under "Ambient". Some are odd, most are relaxing. I like to call them my "Chill" tunes!

And for the candle....some of my favorites are...the Capri Blue Candles (both Volcano and Aloha Orchid) that you can purchase at Anthropologie. Well worth the $28.

Enjoy the basics. You can thank me later!