Olive Wine and Hummus

Not literally "Olive Wine"
Remember when we were little and we used to mouth the words "Olive Juice" across the room and this made the cute boy very twitterpated that we said "I love you" when REALLLLLY it was "Olive Juice"? Quite the giggles then.

So "Olive Wine and Hummus"... translates into "I love olives, wine and hummus."

My day is made brilliantly amazing by enjoying a lovely glass of wine, olives and hummus on whatever tiny toasty cracker you have around. Add cheese if you please!

When I enjoy this lovely little treat, it is like a gourmet little appetizer greeting you at the door in the privacy of your own cozy home.

"Hello, you...come in and relish in me and put your feet up"
~ Love,
your olives, wine and hummus....cheese if you please

PS: Don't forget the basics...low lights, music and a lovely candle lit


  1. Funny...we used to say "alligator food". I am all over the cheese idea..I am in love with this one cheese at whole foods. I can eat the whole wedge in one sitting.
    The olives are a different story...I hold my breath when I go by the olive bar.:)))
    Have a great Saturday!