Go Green. Go Affordable. Go Library

Joining a public library is of course a way to go green. It is definitely a way to go affordable. And I found today that going to my library...was quite a delightful bit of needed down time.
I'm embarrassed to say....I haven't been in a library since the card catalog days. Wow. That is tough to believe. I have found reading to be a new (re)delight in my life. Depending on my time and the book I can go through them relatively fast. With that, purchasing books at the local bookstore got to be expensive and many books I read aren't nice "keepsake" ones if you will and I'm just done with them afterward. SJP did say in the first SATC movie, there is nothing like the smell of a libary book. I agree.

So today, I joined the public library. I checked out 3 books and 1 book on CD for the holiday drive. By the way...for those who can relate to the card catalog confession, you can hold books online and they email and tell you when they are in, you can tell them which location you want to check it out at AND recheck it online 2-5x depending on what it is and if anyone is waiting for it. This is all my fabulous library of course but I hope yours is the same. This is just a few of the long list of fabulous offerings.
Need a new year's resolution? This is an easy one. Go Library.

Your couch misses you.

I came home from a rollercoaster of a week and the to-do list is lurking. The sewing studio is calling my name, my dogs have done a number on my dark floors, there are clothes to be put up and I am proud to say I landed on my couch. To rest and blog. These are roots that shouldn't be forgotten. It was rather lovely. Delightful, actually. Imagine that! Have you spent some good quality time with your couch lately?

Farmer Fun.

Supporting your local farmers happens to pay off in more than one way. Of course it is incredible to support your local growers but it is also quite a fun outting!! Grab a basket or a bag from home and head to the farmer's market (search online if you are unsure of where they are-you likely have more than you think!). Ride your bike if you can or zip down with the morning air coming through the sun roof and your favorite tunes-a-playin'! Make it an all-out outing if you wish! First, stop for a coffee and a pastry and think about what you would like to pick up and what you already have at home. Then zip and enjoy talking to the local growers. They love to help and educate so if you see a new fruit or vegetable you are unsure of just ask what you could do with it! If you happen to be concerned with organically grown produce or the way your animals are raised and fed, don't forget to ask the seller! Just because they are at a farmer's market does not mean it is organic produce or animals raised hormone free and with free range.

And one last thing... Keeping your fruit and veggies on the counter in a basket happens to be a delightful presentation that is also functional. Have you ever found spoiled fruits and vegetables in your home? We all have!! Seeing them will remind you to use them. I use the basket photographed straight from the market to my counter!

Have a delightful day!

Unplanned nothing.

Tonight. My husband went to join friends.
And my plans fell through.

So I found myself home alone. Just me and the two furry animals.
Unexpected but welcomed with open arms. Everyone needs a bit of time alone.

The thunderstorm was a very unplanned, but incredibly delightful treat as well.
I hope you get your time just how you would love it!!

Either planned or unplanned...embrace it! Maybe don't 'to-do' list it like I of course tried to do (you can't be surprised right?). Just sit back and enjoy!

Take a Break. Breakfast that is...

First, let me say that something out there doesn't want me to spread delights.

First, I have been busier than I care for. I could list off a gazillion reasons why I have been spinning in life, but I think hearing them would only wear you out and the goal is to do the opposite here!
Second, I lost a SECOND list of notes that I made to blog here that make my days delightful to share with you.
I even saved one on Evernote and it was lost in mid-air!

I also, don't want to post things just to post things...I really want you to know myself or someone I know found pure delight in what I share here. I have a particular lovely friend who razzes me for not updating this DAILY (you know who you are sassy girl!). I told her it is for everyone to help make their lives more delightful daily, not for me to update daily!!

With that said. I have missed it here with life not as delightful as I would wish and have quite a few things to share...so shall we?
Take a break. Breakfast.

I enjoyed a lovely EASY breakfast this Saturday morning in my home. It was quiet. It was a no muss, no fuss breakfast of fresh strawberries and toast with Wild Elderberry Jelly with french pressed coffee. I had music playing (back to the basics!!) in the background and I took time out of life. I read and just enjoyed. Everyone can have a nice relaxing meal but it was the first portion of my day starting off just right that counted.

This weekend, or next....do the same!! It was quite delightful and the most enjoyable change to my recent tornado of a life.

By the way... my life was such a tornado it has inspired me to have a contest on here. Stay tuned!! I promise. I have a new list of delights to delight you with! Evernote saved them this time. :)

Give Back

A friend told me today that they logged onto this blog and read it looking for a little delight.
They wrote down a few things but happened to "Do the Basics" one night (for reminders "the basics" are... turn off the TV, turn on the music, turn on only lamps ,no overhead lighting and light candles). It made her day. She did add a wonderful sit down dinner to this with her husband which of course was a lovely night altogether!
It made me so happy to hear that her day was made though!!
Give back...it feels just delightful.

So this week...pick a person or two or a few and think of something simple to make their day delightful. In return, it will delight yours.

And come back here! Let us know what you did and inspire us all by leaving a comment! It definitely doesn't have to cost a thing....

Olive Wine and Hummus

Not literally "Olive Wine"
Remember when we were little and we used to mouth the words "Olive Juice" across the room and this made the cute boy very twitterpated that we said "I love you" when REALLLLLY it was "Olive Juice"? Quite the giggles then.

So "Olive Wine and Hummus"... translates into "I love olives, wine and hummus."

My day is made brilliantly amazing by enjoying a lovely glass of wine, olives and hummus on whatever tiny toasty cracker you have around. Add cheese if you please!

When I enjoy this lovely little treat, it is like a gourmet little appetizer greeting you at the door in the privacy of your own cozy home.

"Hello, you...come in and relish in me and put your feet up"
~ Love,
your olives, wine and hummus....cheese if you please

PS: Don't forget the basics...low lights, music and a lovely candle lit

The Basics.

Always. Always. Always. Do. The. Basics.

This is the easiest and most effective way to make your day delightful.

At your home...

Turn off the overhead lights.
Turn on the lamps.

Turn off the TV.
Turn on music that you are in the mood for.

Light an incredible smelling candle.

Always. Always. Always. Do. The. Basics.

With the TV blaring in the background you may not even NOTICE how much it is just chipping away at the nerves until you start to have music on more often. Not to mention the topics on our TV these days might be delightful enough just to avoid.

And regarding the music may I suggest some of my favorites such as a more soothing 'quiet' sound such as Feist. I also adore the iTunes radio station under "Ambient". Some are odd, most are relaxing. I like to call them my "Chill" tunes!

And for the candle....some of my favorites are...the Capri Blue Candles (both Volcano and Aloha Orchid) that you can purchase at Anthropologie. Well worth the $28.

Enjoy the basics. You can thank me later!

Be a LUSH.

Maybe not the lush you are thinking about!!

LUSH handmade bath bombs are DEVINE. LOVELY and WORTH EVERY FIZZY SECOND!!

I can't help but be a product rave on here because so many of them create quite the delight. This one tops my charts and can create a delightful bath like NO OTHER. Ever have something that you just NEED people to try and love because you love it so much. This is that level of love!

Lush. Oh Lush bath bombs, you are my little hero all curled up into a ball.
These little fresh handmade fizzy bath bombs come with a variety of surprises in some that will fill your tub (flower petals, confetti). I have a 'Youki-Hi' (jasmine and ylang ylang- a small flower of the Cananga Tree) and I am saving it. Savoring it I should say...for now... although I think I'm fast approaching *the* day to use it to make a day perfectly delightful when most in need. I walk into my bathroom and catch scent of my little 'Youki-Hi' and there are times I could pass out cold since I breathe in so deep because I LOVE the scent.

So you drop these little delights into your warm cozy bath and they fizz like absolute crazy!! They are so fun!! Then....speaking of scent.....it is strong on most occasions and actually leaves you smelling just like the bath bomb. I know many bath treatments are light and won't stick with you. You will smell just delightful. It will make for a delightful day.

I don't work for Lush so this is not a plug. Although if I did, I would just turn around and buy bomby fizzy delights all day long.

And thank you dear Michelle for making me a Lush Girl and introducing us. ;c-)

Spring Out.

Happy Spring!!

While our more northern birds haven't been released from the winter "doldrums" quite yet...there are options to get you Spring ready, Spring inspired and put Spring in your step! Of course all of these can inspire our warmer geographical delightful ones too!

Food!! Who doesn't get inspired by food?! Put a bit of Spring in your delicious delights...and cool them down to a light fruity taste! Imagine your favorite fruit below with a glass of chilled white wine...

For those who can....Spring out. What you normally do inside (bills, paperwork, read), think about doing it outside. I am sitting on this lovely back patio as we speak sipping a glass of wine to enjoy our amazing weather.

Sprinkle your interior with brighter delights from flowers to a few accents and put the cold behind you. Snow or sunshine...this will put Spring in your mood....

Two above Spring decor interior photos are credited to the talent at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/craftcreativity/

And...you can just close your eyes and dream of sundresses. We'll all be in them soon. The women who read this of course.

Lose the List.

I had a very unexpected occurrence that brought a lot of delight to my last week!! I went to NYC to visit some friends and that was wonderful enough (which delayed me from blogging ~ many apologies)!!! However, when I returned to my home I seemed to have lost my 'to-do list'. Now... I haven't exactly gone LOOKING for it. Likely it is in one of two drawers, but why seek it out when my week was so relaxing with this unexpected little delightful gift!?! I told my husband I misplaced it, it seemed, and he said..."you have been so happy this week" as he recollected!

Here is a painted picture of my personality put on paper in 'to-do list' fashion (slightly embarrassing but nonetheless this picture must be painted):

- I write it ALL down. Repair a button, work out, sew in my studio, get life insurance. You get the picture!
- If I think of a 'to-do', I need to do it...I hold myself to it and feel like a failure if I don't accomplish all on the list.
- I come home and never sit down and relax. I am a SLAVE to my 'to-do list' in the end.

So with that, I recommend we lose our 'to-do lists'. Go away for a weekend (if you can) and do a quick 'clean sweep' and stuff things in drawers...do whatever you can do to put it out of your mind and really, legitimately...lose your list. And....have a delightful week that week...find it next week if need be! Also, no worries in the end...if something is so time pressing, you won't forget it and will get that done. I did learn that delightful lesson for the rest of my life out of this.

Spa on the Spot!

Sure I loved to smell lovely scents but never took aromatherapy too seriously. Until now. You have to find the right scent that speaks to you but I have an arsenal of "Tranquil Mint" Stress relief by Bath and Body Works that I ADORE.

See the little guy? He travels with me everywhere I go. I have many of them stashed in a variety of places conveniently located for a spa on the spot moment at any time. Crazy day? Something going a wry? I enjoy a little Tranquil Mint in my hands and fill my lungs with the sweet mint scent, breathing in and out quite a few times. It brings a whole new meaning to your day and I truly feel like Tranquil Mint, at least, smells like a quick trip to the spa.

Is your co-worker, supervisor, friend or significant other losing it a bit? Lather your paw up with Tranquil Mint, stick your arm straight out and share by placing your hand just right in front of their nose and coach them.....brrrrreeeathe deeply. Just kidding. Hey, why not offer it up for them to enjoy in their own hands too?

For yourself at the minimum, enjoy some aromatherapy and make sure you at least have the little guy around for only $4! Your day could be just a little more delightful...smell and see!

Laugh. Just Laugh.

Ohhhhhhh the news, the recession. It all gets to be a bit too much and lets not forget our own life has likely dished us some doozies at the same time our world seems to be a wreck. I think this blog will help in its entirety but in the meantime, lets laugh.
Just do it. And no need to wait for it to come to you naturally.
Bad day? Call a witty friend. Call one of those people in your life that you just laugh until you cry with. Search Youtube for "baby laughing", "dog singing" or anything that tickles your fancy! Pop in your favorite movie, google a joke of the day site, actually read one of your friends forwards or in all necessary measures...go to a comedy club.

Laughter really is the best medicine.

Mrs. Meyers...heres to you.

Cleaning is about the least fun thing to do but it feels great once accomplished. Add a little...make that a lot of delight to your cleaning day by LOVING your cleaners. They smell great and while you're at it, pick up an organic one to make you feel even more delightful about your cleaning day!

My favorite is Mrs. Meyers! It comes in a variety of scents!