Lose the List.

I had a very unexpected occurrence that brought a lot of delight to my last week!! I went to NYC to visit some friends and that was wonderful enough (which delayed me from blogging ~ many apologies)!!! However, when I returned to my home I seemed to have lost my 'to-do list'. Now... I haven't exactly gone LOOKING for it. Likely it is in one of two drawers, but why seek it out when my week was so relaxing with this unexpected little delightful gift!?! I told my husband I misplaced it, it seemed, and he said..."you have been so happy this week" as he recollected!

Here is a painted picture of my personality put on paper in 'to-do list' fashion (slightly embarrassing but nonetheless this picture must be painted):

- I write it ALL down. Repair a button, work out, sew in my studio, get life insurance. You get the picture!
- If I think of a 'to-do', I need to do it...I hold myself to it and feel like a failure if I don't accomplish all on the list.
- I come home and never sit down and relax. I am a SLAVE to my 'to-do list' in the end.

So with that, I recommend we lose our 'to-do lists'. Go away for a weekend (if you can) and do a quick 'clean sweep' and stuff things in drawers...do whatever you can do to put it out of your mind and really, legitimately...lose your list. And....have a delightful week that week...find it next week if need be! Also, no worries in the end...if something is so time pressing, you won't forget it and will get that done. I did learn that delightful lesson for the rest of my life out of this.

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