Spa on the Spot!

Sure I loved to smell lovely scents but never took aromatherapy too seriously. Until now. You have to find the right scent that speaks to you but I have an arsenal of "Tranquil Mint" Stress relief by Bath and Body Works that I ADORE.

See the little guy? He travels with me everywhere I go. I have many of them stashed in a variety of places conveniently located for a spa on the spot moment at any time. Crazy day? Something going a wry? I enjoy a little Tranquil Mint in my hands and fill my lungs with the sweet mint scent, breathing in and out quite a few times. It brings a whole new meaning to your day and I truly feel like Tranquil Mint, at least, smells like a quick trip to the spa.

Is your co-worker, supervisor, friend or significant other losing it a bit? Lather your paw up with Tranquil Mint, stick your arm straight out and share by placing your hand just right in front of their nose and coach them.....brrrrreeeathe deeply. Just kidding. Hey, why not offer it up for them to enjoy in their own hands too?

For yourself at the minimum, enjoy some aromatherapy and make sure you at least have the little guy around for only $4! Your day could be just a little more delightful...smell and see!


  1. That's my favorite B&BW scent too Lisa!! I have a bottle on my desk at work and a little on in my purse. :)

  2. You are SET!!! I do love it so!!! Isn't it just the most delightful little break in the day when needed? ;)