Spring Out.

Happy Spring!!

While our more northern birds haven't been released from the winter "doldrums" quite yet...there are options to get you Spring ready, Spring inspired and put Spring in your step! Of course all of these can inspire our warmer geographical delightful ones too!

Food!! Who doesn't get inspired by food?! Put a bit of Spring in your delicious delights...and cool them down to a light fruity taste! Imagine your favorite fruit below with a glass of chilled white wine...

For those who can....Spring out. What you normally do inside (bills, paperwork, read), think about doing it outside. I am sitting on this lovely back patio as we speak sipping a glass of wine to enjoy our amazing weather.

Sprinkle your interior with brighter delights from flowers to a few accents and put the cold behind you. Snow or sunshine...this will put Spring in your mood....

Two above Spring decor interior photos are credited to the talent at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/craftcreativity/

And...you can just close your eyes and dream of sundresses. We'll all be in them soon. The women who read this of course.

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