Farmer Fun.

Supporting your local farmers happens to pay off in more than one way. Of course it is incredible to support your local growers but it is also quite a fun outting!! Grab a basket or a bag from home and head to the farmer's market (search online if you are unsure of where they are-you likely have more than you think!). Ride your bike if you can or zip down with the morning air coming through the sun roof and your favorite tunes-a-playin'! Make it an all-out outing if you wish! First, stop for a coffee and a pastry and think about what you would like to pick up and what you already have at home. Then zip and enjoy talking to the local growers. They love to help and educate so if you see a new fruit or vegetable you are unsure of just ask what you could do with it! If you happen to be concerned with organically grown produce or the way your animals are raised and fed, don't forget to ask the seller! Just because they are at a farmer's market does not mean it is organic produce or animals raised hormone free and with free range.

And one last thing... Keeping your fruit and veggies on the counter in a basket happens to be a delightful presentation that is also functional. Have you ever found spoiled fruits and vegetables in your home? We all have!! Seeing them will remind you to use them. I use the basket photographed straight from the market to my counter!

Have a delightful day!

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