Take a Break. Breakfast that is...

First, let me say that something out there doesn't want me to spread delights.

First, I have been busier than I care for. I could list off a gazillion reasons why I have been spinning in life, but I think hearing them would only wear you out and the goal is to do the opposite here!
Second, I lost a SECOND list of notes that I made to blog here that make my days delightful to share with you.
I even saved one on Evernote and it was lost in mid-air!

I also, don't want to post things just to post things...I really want you to know myself or someone I know found pure delight in what I share here. I have a particular lovely friend who razzes me for not updating this DAILY (you know who you are sassy girl!). I told her it is for everyone to help make their lives more delightful daily, not for me to update daily!!

With that said. I have missed it here with life not as delightful as I would wish and have quite a few things to share...so shall we?
Take a break. Breakfast.

I enjoyed a lovely EASY breakfast this Saturday morning in my home. It was quiet. It was a no muss, no fuss breakfast of fresh strawberries and toast with Wild Elderberry Jelly with french pressed coffee. I had music playing (back to the basics!!) in the background and I took time out of life. I read and just enjoyed. Everyone can have a nice relaxing meal but it was the first portion of my day starting off just right that counted.

This weekend, or next....do the same!! It was quite delightful and the most enjoyable change to my recent tornado of a life.

By the way... my life was such a tornado it has inspired me to have a contest on here. Stay tuned!! I promise. I have a new list of delights to delight you with! Evernote saved them this time. :)

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