Now this, delightful.

I have no plans tomorrow. That is incredibly delightful.
I have been missing lately. From you, from me. I have been so busy I have been spinning. Lets not kid ourselves...this is a historic repeat. I am a stress junky it seems...but lately has been a roaring monster of being busy that I certainly don't welcome, don't love and I just spin. An unusual, unwelcomed, busy. Part of me wonders if I created this blog to make sure I find delight in times like these and then I get lost. I hope you are better at repeating some of these things in your daily life!
So tomorrow...I have no plans. As I already said. I have to say it again because it is like the best rare vintage find at a sale that you have been hunting for, for a is that good.
But I might, if I so choose after my morning latte, go find some white dishes. I just sold all of my dishes at a garage sale on a whim. We are plateless but I look forward to finding some classic simple ones. Maybe I will tomorrow. Maybe I won't.

I also might find some bedroom inspiration while enjoying that latte. Outside, on the patio, while the dogs and the white furry cat roam the yard and play. I also sold our bedside lamps. I can never complain about forced redesign.

So plans. No definitive plans and only enjoyable things if I so choose to do them. Now delightful. And welcomed. Happy day to you as well!


  1. I am in the same boat re: spinning out of control. I blame part of it on my inability to say no and part of it on my own procrastination. Regardless, I am hardly ever home and when I am I often do not make the best use of my time. Let's face it, I could make better choices when it comes to how I spend my time. But ssshhhhh...don't tell anyone!

  2. What a marvelous plan, to relax! did you? I hope so. What about those wonderful white dishes, did you find any? Lamps?

  3. Wish I could sleep like that!! :)

  4. Oh, there's nothing prettier to place a meal on than simple white dishes . . . I have two sets :)

  5. I did buy some white dishes!! Let me rephrase that..."we got some dishes"!! HA! Talk about cleaning out the house for a huge garage sale, I found $197 on a gift card from Dillards, from our wedding. 6 years ago!!!!! So off we went and got free dishes! What a surprise that was!
    No lamps yet...I am still reading with only a book light. Nothing has been just right!