Economical Enjoyment.

I am *notorious* for go-go-go. For those who know me in person it is clearly something that I need to work on. I have the most incredible on-going to do list that keeps building by:

- dreaming up of new wonderful things to do
- running errands to get supplies for the to-do list
- shopping and finding new projects from great finds

And ZERO of this includes my full time job that I work very hard at staying in high achievements at. you see above none of my "running around town" and staying busy actually gets this to-do list done. It only makes it longer.

Well we are all aware of the economy and it is about high time my running around town takes a break on the credit card and it is about time I actually get to bring some of these wonderful fun projects to life or sit down and take a load off and soak in a great read. If you visit the 'York Design' or 'Augustine Designs' blogs you will find that I have great passion for home decor and clothing design which is where a lot of this to-do list lies. However, if you scroll down a few posts on the Daily Delights you will also see that I likely have several library books in my possession, a latte machine and yes....ALWAYS candles. So what in the world am I doing zipping around town when my own delightful enjoyment is RIGHT HERE AT HOME or a book away in a favorite free relaxing spot!?

I get to:

- blog ;c)
- create
- read
- enjoy a latte
- with some tunes on...a candle lit
- and watch my to-do list shrink right before my eyes

REALLY?!? And most of it is FREE?! Well....the weekend I do it, I won't spend a dime at that time and my to-do list will shrink.

::hand to forehead, swoon head back in pure delight::

How DELIGHTFUL!!! And why didn't I think of this sooner?

Stay home or go to your favorite outdoor spot to relax.
Don't be busy...have an economical enjoyment time!!

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