You must go...

It takes a lot to travel.
Going into the unknown.
Time away from responsibility (GASP!) that you might pay for a little bit later.
Long plane flights.
Jet lag.
Did I mention money?

But it is so important to go.
So very important.
You could really find a million excuses to put it off but if you really want to go! GO!!

I was born in Eschebach, Germany.
Where you say?!?!
That is right...Eschenbach, Germany.
Pronounced Ess-shin-bock.
I heard people say "WHERE!?!?" a lot.
In fact I said it.

For most of my life that I can remember...I have wanted to visit.

I am finally here now.
In the tiny, quaint German village of Eshcenbach. WE FINALLY DID IT!!!!!!! We finally came! It has been wonderful to visit where I started. So I did it...I came. Where do you want to go? Get to planning! Even if it takes a will be delightful when you get there!

Here are a few "generic" photos! I'll update later with more of my own once I am home!

Eschenbach, Germany

And our first stop upon arriving in Germany was possibly the quaintest town I have ever seen. Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This is not Disney World pictured...this is a real medieval village. Oh my. Maybe if you don't know where to should go here. The town was founded in 1170 although construction in some areas began in 950. No Disney World about it!

And in two days...I will be visiting the Neutschwanstein Castle. Unbelievable and I cannot wait!

Happy planning and dreaming about it! Auf Wiedersehen!

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